Super Bowl Fever Peaks with Taylor Swift Specials

The excitement surrounding the Super Bowl has reached unprecedented levels. Amidst the frenzy, Taylor Swift emerges as a central figure, not only contributing to the hype but also becoming a popular betting option.

While the halftime entertainment and commercials have always been part of the Super Bowl spectacle, the buzz surrounding a single individual who won’t even perform is truly remarkable. Super Bowl LVIII has earned the moniker “Swiftie Bowl” or “Taylor Swift Bowl” across social media platforms.

What attention the singer will receive depends largely on her partner Travis Kelce. Popular odds now include whether Travis will propose to Taylor Swift and ‘will Taylor Swift be mentioned in the MVP speech’.

As Usher takes centre stage for the night’s performance, intriguing odds surround the guest appearances. Alicia Keys is the top contender to grace the stage, followed closely by Lil Jon and Justin Bieber. Beyond the musical lineup, bets are open on Usher’s opening words, potential debut of a new track, and even the number of wardrobe changes.

Last year Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs won the title in a thrilling showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles. However, this year, the odds favour the San Francisco 49ers.

Last updated: 08.02.2024

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