Betsson Poker

Betsson Poker

At Betsson Poker, you can take the keys of luck into your own hands and pen other card sharks in a wide range of tournaments and cash games. On the other hand, you can count on the goodness of the lucky one and just keep your thumbs up if you prefer to play casino poker variants like video poker, Caribbean Stud and many more. Whether you are an experienced poker professional or a beginner online poker player, you should not miss Betsson’s exciting poker section. Stay tuned for the next article and we’ll tell you more about the gaming experience waiting for you and help you get started easily. We’ll start by looking at online poker, which you can play at Betsson Poker, and then take a closer look at Betsson Casino as well. the gambling options enjoyed in the poker section.

Important information about Betsson Poker

If you want to get your luck in your own hands and earn money at the expense of other players, you can always count on Betsson Poker to have action. Betsson uses game maker Microgaming’s poker software and network, which is one of the most popular on the net. No matter what time of day, there are rarely a thousand fewer players on the lines. So you will always find opponents, whether you are betting really small amounts on the game or, above all, valuing the big bet tables.

In addition to finding up to the number of opponents to win, you can take their money in many different ways. There is both Texas Hold’em and Omaha available, which can be enjoyed as cash games, multi-table tournaments or sit & go tournaments. Even within these three categories, there are a number of different game options and ways to make your poker experience very varied. We’ll talk more about those gaming options later on this page.

To get started in Betsson’s online poker against other players, you have two options as a computer user. You can either play directly in your browser or download the poker software. More detailed information on these topics, the benefits of the different options and how they work in practice can also be found below.

Download Betsson Poker

Most poker customers who play at Betsson download and install poker software on their computers. This basically means a program that you start whenever you want to start playing. Of course, downloading and installing the software is completely safe. It’s also a pretty simple process that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Download Poker” button
  3. Navigate to the folder where you saved the file
  4. Double-click the file to install the poker software on your computer
  5. Launch the poker software
  6. Log in with the same account you have registered with
  7. Choose the language in which you want to your enjoy poker experience
  8. Select the alias displayed on the poker table (if this is your first time with Betsson Poker)
  9. Start your poker adventure.
betsson poker

Try Betsson Poker for Free

Want to hone your poker skills before you invest money in the game, or play risk-free otherwise? In that case, sit at one of Betsson’s free poker tables. They are available in cash games, sit & go tournaments and multi-table tournaments.

When you visit Betsson Poker for the first time and choose a poker alias for yourself, you will also receive wholesale play money that you can use at these special free tables. If you lose your play money, you can usually ask Betsson Customer Service to reset your balance.

Benefits of downloading Betsson poker software

The biggest advantage of downloading Betsson poker software is that it is a much more stable way to play than a web browser. There are usually no problems playing through a web browser, but if you have played poker online in the past, you may find that browser poker slows down a bit at times.problems

For example, there may beloading game tables or connecting between the browser and the poker network. If you’re in the middle of a poker tournament, it can be really frustrating when important hands go side by side.

Problems like this are extremely rare with downloadable software. In addition, it is also generally faster and lighter than browser poker. Because part of the gaming experience runs through your own machine, you don’t have to constantly reload data, which makes browsing the game selection smoother, among other things. Another advantage of the poker software is that you do not have to visit the Betsson website every time you want to start playing.

Play Betsson Poker Directly in the Browser

While most regular poker players download the software to their computer, the easiest way to try out Betsson’s poker offerings is to play directly in your browser. You can do this by following the instructions below – you can usually get a taste of your game in just a few seconds.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Play in Browser” button
  3. Log in with the same account you have registered with
  4. Select the alias displayed on the poker table (if this is your first time with Betsson Poker)
  5. Start your poker adventure.
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Sit & go (Limited Player Tournaments)Tournaments

Calendar(Multi-Table Tournaments)

Sit & go tournaments are fast-paced entertainment that starts as soon as enough players sign up. There are four different sizes of “sitar tables” that require either 2, 6, 8 or 12 player registration to get the tournament up and running.

In addition to the number of players, sit & go tournaments can differ in a few different ways. These differences affect the normal duration of tournaments. There are traditional sit & go tournaments that last about 30-60 minutes. In them, the blinds go up every 10 minutes. In addition, there are turbo tournaments where the blinds go up every 6 minutes and super turbos where they are raised every 3 minutes. Turbo tournaments will be completed much faster than others.

In addition to the speed, the tournaments in Betsson’s sit & go section also vary with two special tournaments: flip and bounty. The former is a completely luck-based and really fast variant where all the players at the table are forced to go all-in in every hand. In bounty tournaments, the entire prize pool will not be distributed to players based on the final ranking. Part of the pot is added as a “bounty” on the players ’scalp – drop the player out of the tournament to get this reward for yourself.

Calendar Tournaments are a much larger Tournament Type than the two previously mentioned. These multi-table tournaments, commonly known as multi-table tournaments, can consist of several thousand players, so the prize pool can grow really big.

As the name suggests, these tournaments do not start when a certain number of players have registered. Instead, they have a fixed start date and time in the tournament calendar found in the software. There is no limit to the number of participants, but you can register for the tournament until it starts – and in most cases even a few hours after it starts.

While not all calendar tournaments have more than a hundred players, it is worth noting that larger tournaments can take up to tens of hours. Like Sit & Go tournaments, MTT tournaments use many different structures to speed up the game.

Fish Party

If you want to make really big profits with a small buy-in, Fish Party can be a good choice. It’s a fast-paced tournament that can earn you hundreds of thousands of euros with just a € 50 buy-in. Only three players take part in each tournament, which makes the prize pool sound like a mathematically impossible. When three players bet € 50 on a tournament, the prize pool should not exceed € 150.

However, the Fish Party works so that each tournament has a random prize pool that is drawn at the beginning of them. The majority (approximately 70% of tournaments) are played in a smaller pot than the total buy-in. This will allow larger – and in some cases incomprehensibly large – prize pools to be drawn in other tournaments.

There are eight different prize pools in the game format, with one to choose from at the beginning of the tournament. The value of the pots and the probability of hitting them can be found below:pot

Prize pool (% of all buy-ins)

Example€ 1 with buy-in

Probability for the prize pool


2 €



4 €



6 €



10 €



25 €



50 €



100 €



10 000 €


Exceptions to this are situations where the tournament pot is drawn to one of the two largest. In these cases, all players are sure to win, with the winner getting 50% of the pot, the runner-up 30% and the third 20%.


Tournament faster structure is by no means the only way these tournaments can differ. Tournaments are played today in many different formats, giving you variation in your poker experience. We’ve listed these game modes below with a brief explanation.

This is the most common tournament variant using a relatively slow blind structure with blinds rising every 10 minutes. If your chips run out, you will be permanently out of the tournament.

Turbo Turbo
Tournaments are slightly faster than regular tournaments. In these tournaments, the blinds go up every 6 minutes.

Super turbo
If you appreciate fast-paced going, then the super turbo tournament option offers the fastest-paced entertainment with its blinds rising every 3 minutes.

Turbos are the opposite of deepstack tournaments, which are the slowest of the tournaments. This is because players are given more chips than usual at the beginning.

In this tournament variant, you have the opportunity to make a new buy-in during a certain period of time if you lose all your chips. Sometimes re-buy is limited to one time, but there are many unlimited tournaments. At the end of the re-buy period, players are usually still offered the opportunity to purchase additional tokens. This is called an add-on.

Early bird
Early bird means that all players who register for the tournament before it starts will receive more chips at the beginning.

Unlike other tournaments, bounty tournaments don’t just compete for the best finish. Instead, you can also win money by dropping other players out. Each player who is dropped will receive a cash bonus, the amount of which depends on whether that player has previously dropped others.

This is a completely lucky variant where all players have to go all-in in every hand.

Instead of cash winnings, the prize pool for satellite tournaments consists of tournament tickets to larger tournaments. For example, you can play in a € 50 satellite to win a ticket to a € 5,000 live event.

Freeroll In
Freerolls, you can win money without risking a penny. These are freerolls with a usually lower prize pool than other tournaments. Many freerolls are password protected because they are often hosted by online poker communities. Poker networks and casinos also run their own freerolls, where you can win or get a ticket to a promotion.

Betsson Poker at a Live Casino

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Betsson has other poker games to play alongside online poker. The large casino section of the site includes a number of different poker options for you to enjoy. Many of them can be found at Betsson’s live casino, where you can challenge professional dealers in a real casino environment. So it’s a gaming experience comparable to a stone-foot casino, albeit a much nicer one.

The following enjoyable poker variants can be found at Betsson’s live casino:

– Casino Hold’em
– Ultimate Texas Hold’em
– Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
– Three Card Poker
– Caribbean Stud

Unlike poker played against other players, where skill is the most important factor, luck plays a bigger role in casino poker. Even in these games, you still need to know what you are doing, as the decisions you make directly affect your chances of winning.

Poker in the casino section

In addition to playing live poker against professional dealers, Betsson also has a lot of computer poker options. In the general casino section of Betsson, you will find not only all of the above game types, but also other fun poker games such as Oasis Poker, Red Dog Poker and video poker.

The latter are very familiar entertainment packages for Scandinavians, which combine poker with slot machines. The game format is traditional five-card poker, where players are initially dealt five cards that can be tried to improve in one turn. The goal is to make the cards as good a poker hand as possible – at best, a royal flush that can earn you up to 800 times your bet.

There are a few different variations of video poker, such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Joker Wild. The last two are better known in Europe as Secondary Poker and Joker Poker. The games are relatively similar, but with small differences, video poker entertainment gets a nice variation.

Jacks or Better is the most traditional video poker in the world where a pair of jacks or better is required to win. In Deuces Wild, the second ones act as jokers, meaning they can replace all other cards. Thus, there are also five of the same in the game’s paytable. The same valuable hand is available at Joker Wild. There is one joker added to the deck that replaces all other cards as part of the winning combination.

As a curiosity, video poker is the best type of casino game after blackjack if superiority is measured by the chances of winning. By choosing the right Net or Ent Jacks or Better variant, your return percentage can rise to a whopping 99.56%.

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